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How to Buy Affordable Branded Medical Sutures for Your Hospital or Surgical Department

Human medical care took a giant leap forward when thousands of years ago the first doctor utilised grass, animal hair, and thread to sew together tissue after a patient was injured.

Fortunately, today, any medical concerns back then have now been addressed. Medical sutures are sterile, resist infectious microorganisms, and can even aid in the healing process.

They can dissolve or remain until the patient returns to the clinic to have them removed.

Ethicon’s Vicryl Polyglactin 910 Sutures are a popular but trusted choice for a surgical team in a hospital’s surgical department, or for a dental surgeon at a dental clinic.

If you’re in hospital or dental administration then it’s important to have a complete supply of medical sutures in storage for your medical, dental, and surgical teams.

Here is more information on the types of Vicryl sutures that are available to order, where to shop for them, and how to order and buy cheap vicryl sutures online.

Various Types of Medical Sutures for Injuries or Surgery

The term “suture” is used to describe a type of wire or thread that is meant to close internal or external wounds. The suture must be threaded through a needle to close the damaged tissue.

There are a couple of other wound closure techniques, including surgical glue and staples, but threaded sutures are most commonly used due to their benefits.

Sutures offer greater tensile strength, involve less scarring, and can be dissolvable or easier to remove. Surgical glue is more for small wounds, while staples is for major surgical procedures. Sutures made from natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, or grass are no longer used, but their history is quite interesting.

Benefits of Vicryl Rapide Medical Sutures

Vicryl sutures have been created with a smooth synthetic thread so they glide easily through tissue.

They are commonly used for ophthalmic procedures, and other general soft tissue procedures, including dental procedures. Generally, they’re not suitable for cardiovascular or neurological procedures.

They are also absorbable or dissolvable, making them perfect for specific types of wounds. Less scarring will occur with these types of medical sutures. They’re easier for the surgeon to use, as well as being simple to tie down.

An additional benefit is that once they’re knotted, they stay in place with their exceptional knot security. There are non-coloured or violet options available.

They do not have an antibacterial coating like some other sutures might have. If used for dental surgery, they resist plaque formation. Vicryl sutures are multifilament, not monofilament, hence its greater strength in holding wounds together.

What Types of Vicryl Sutures Are Available to Order?

Coated Ethicon Vicryl sutures are made by Johnson & Johnson, a trusted medical supplies company.

These vicryl rapide medical sutures are braided, which makes knotting simpler, as well as helping to keep the knots in place. While there are different lengths of vicryl sutures, they all have an absorption rate from 56 to 70 days.

They are unidirectional, making it easier for the surgeon to use the needle to pull them through tissue to secure in place. There are also strands per pack options.

You’ll have the options of 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, or 12 strands. There are also three options regarding the quantity per box, including 12, 24, and 36. There are also specific length options, including 45 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm, and 120 cm.

Suture width sizes can range from 1-0 for back surgery, joint capsules or fascia layers, while 5-2 is commonly used to repair tendons.

The 3-0 to 2-0 closes muscular layers or wounds that are deep. 5-0 to 4-0 closes skin wounds that affect vessels. 7-0 to 6-0 is used for facial plastic surgery, as well as to repair small vessels or arteries. 10-0 to 8-0 is used to do eye surgery, or nerve repair.

Vicryl Sutures Are Available for a Wide Range of Needle Options

Almost all types of surgical needles can be utilised with the vicryl sutures, including Taperpoint, Tapercut, Cutting Edge, and Blunt Point.

Your surgical department will work with you to ensure that the correct needle types are ordered with the vicryl sutures, and other types too.

It can be a lot of information to absorb so it’s best to ask the surgeons what they require before you submit your monthly order requisition.

Absorbable Vs. NonAbsorbable Medical Sutures

There are some internal surgical procedures where nonabsorbable sutures are utilised to hold tissue in place. These types of sutures are meant for long term. Other types of surgery may require dissolvable sutures, such as the vicryl sutures.

These absorbable sutures degrade as the tissue wound heals. They do lose tensile strength over time. They aren’t meant for major surgical wounds that may take several weeks to heal.

The vicyrl adsorption is also helpful in instances where it could be challenging to remove non-dissolvable sutures from an internal or external wound.

Where Can I Order Cheap Vicryl Sutures for Our Surgical Team?

Today, there is great debate over medical and surgical department budgets. Costs are increasing, so you want to find a reliable source to buy cheap vicryl sutures.

Our website has been created to supply cheap vicryl sutures, other suture brands, and medical and surgical supplies to medical clinics, dental clinics, and hospitals around the UK. We hope that we can assist in keeping costs within department budgets.

If you’re ready to buy medical sutures online then please check out our medical sutures and supplies website today.

We’ll be adding more products over the next few weeks so please check back often to see what else your surgical, dental, or medical department needs. We offer cheap vicryl sutures and other types, as well as medical supplies too.

You’ll be relieved when your job is much simpler now, and the administration department will be pleased you have found a good source of quality vicryl sutures.