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Where to Buy Sterile Absorbent Dressings for Wounds?

If you run a medical clinic or operating theatre at your local hospital then you’ll need to stock up on absorbent dressings for your patients’ wounds and post-surgical needs.

Medical dressings serve a triple purpose in keeping not only the wounds clean, but also the surrounding skin and tissue.

The absorbent dressings also help to avoid infection of the wound before it has a chance to heal. Absorbent dressing pads are good for larger wounds that may take longer to heal.

Absorbent dressings and absorbent dressing pads for wounds are available on our Medical Sutures website, along with a variety of other essential medical supplies like our wholesale priced Ethicon sutures.

What Types of Absorbent Dressing Pads Are Available?

Different types of wounds require different types of care. A small wound only needs a plaster, while a much larger wound that requires medical care will need absorbent dressings from first aid workers before the patient seeks medical care.

Once they’re at the clinic or hospital, the doctor will clean the wound and apply an absorbent dressing to last until it needs to be changed. In a surgical setting, absorbent dressings will be needed to protect the wound after sutures have been applied.

We have products available from Johnson & Johnson for Interceed, Spongostan film or standard for bleeding surfaces, Spongostan Special or Spongostan Anal, and Sponostan Powder for hard-to-access wounds and injuries, and your traditional gauze-mesh for bandages.

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Where to Find Absorbent Dressings for Sale?

Please browse our online site here at Medical Sutures UK. Besides the sutures, we have a large range of medical supplies, including the absorbent dressing pads for wounds,adhesives ,defibrillators and other absorbent dressings and wound control products.

Most surgical and clinical settings will need a variety of products to cover all possible wounds for patients who have emergency situations.

On the site is also a separate page for all absorbent dressings and pads, so if you’re seeking one type of product you can easily shop on one page.

Our store is UK based and ships to all locations. We also ship overseas, so please visit the Delivery tab to see further information on shipping and customs and duties.

An Easier Buying & Shopping Process Online

Besides searching for products by type on our website, such as for Absorbent Dressings, if you already know the product’s brand name, there is a tab to search for it that way.

There is also a new products tab where you can see the new items added, or Special Offers to see what is on sale that week. If you have any questions, please reach out to us through the Contact Us page.

Stock up on your absorbent dressings and other medical supplies for your medical practice, clinic, hospital or operating theatre.

Your patients rely on you for good medical care, and when you have everything, you need at hand, you can quickly and easily treat them and send them home to recover.