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Where Can I Buy Hospital Disinfectant at Wholesale Prices?

Do you work in administration for a clinic or hospital in the UK and are also responsible for buying cleaning products to keep it clean and free of micro-contaminants?

The past few years may have been challenging in trying to find all the products you need to do your job. It’s important to have a storage cupboard full of cleansers for the cleaning crew, and for the doctors, nurses, and care aides who look after the patients.

If you’ve been searching for a quality disinfectant in large quantities, Contec Prochlor may be your best solution.

What Is Contec Prochlor?

This is a chemical solution meant to be used as a cleanser in hospital or clinical settings where there may be a high number of bacteria, fungi, moulds, spores, viruses, or yeasts.

This cleanser effectively kills these microorganisms on contact. The brand says it’s for major contamination control so it’s to be used in professional settings, rather than for the home.

Contec is the brand name of the company. Besides the Contec prochlor hypochlorous acid, they also have a wide range of cleaning products for different industries too.

What Is Contec Prochlor Hypochlorous Acid?

The Contec prochlor hypochlorous acid is the name of one type of cleanser they sell to medical clinics, laboratories, and hospitals.

The prochlor hypochlorous acid is the name of one specific type of cleanser containing that effective ingredient.

The hypoclorous acid in it is a chemical compound that is made from a weak form of acid that is safe to use on surfaces and around people.

It’s the primary ingredient of many chlorine solutions used in cleansers. It’s called a “sporicide”, though it’s effective against a wide range of organisms. Its chemical composition contains purified water mixed with the hypoclorous acid.

This solution is sold in a ready-to-use bottle or can be pored into spray bottles. It’s been tested and has been proven to have a 100% kill against all spores and microorganisms in under one minute.

How Do I Use Contec Prochlor to Clean Surfaces?

You’ll want to put on gloves and goggles while using this cleanser.  You spray it onto the surface you wish to clean.

These can include counters, examination tables, sinks, taps, handles, medical equipment, and more.  Once you’ve sprayed it on, use paper towels to wipe down the surface.

This spreads the cleanser out so that everything gets cleaned. Dispose of the paper towel and place your cleanser back in a safe spot.

Where to Buy Hypochlorous Acid in the UK?

If you want to buy hypochlorous acid UK in large quantities, you can shop here on our Medical Stiches website which has a page to sell Contec Inc. products at wholesale or bulk prices.

Right now we have two products – the Contec Prochlor Hypochlorous Acid in a 1 litre spray bottle, or the Contect Prochlor Hypochlorous Acid in a 5 litre bottle that can be used to refill that spray bottle.

If you’re searching for a reliable source of hypochlorous acid UK for your medical organisation, please check our website today to find everything you need to keep your patients and staff healthy and safe.